Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is the prognosis for Trisomy 18?

"What is Kayli's prognosis?"

It is a question asked of me time and time again.  I'm sure the intent of the question (in most cases) is not malicious, but one that is asked with anticipated dread and a nervous tone.  My quick reply is, "Kayli has outlived her prognosis".  That usually is not a sufficient answer to quench the desire to know more about Kayli's iminent demise hanging over her head.  The push for a more definitive answer leads me to respond in educational statements, with hope to connect the inquiring mind with God and Kayli's intent here on Earth with us:

First, I reflect on the definition of Prognosis: A forecast of probable outcome.

My extended response to questions of Kayli's prognosis, is that she will live long enough to strengthen your faith, to share hope with you, to educate you, and to connect you with your spiritual being.  Kayli's prognosis of life next to yours, is determined on your understanding and acceptance of her abilities as well as her challenges.  Kayli's prognosis in life on Earth is not limited to a determined life expectancy because she is unique and nobody has been granted the identical extraordinary life she has been granted.  The prognosis of her body is the same as your bodily prognosis, there is no way to determine what tomorrow holds, only the desire to make the best of the days we have been given.  She may live through the day, or she may live through 100,000 more days. Her body is a wonderfully and fearfully made creation, a one of a kind miracle by God just as yours is.  Kayli's medical prognosis is somewhat dependent on the gifts God has granted the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals crossing her path, and what THEY choose to do with their gifts.  One may say her medical prognosis is dependent on the care that is offered and provided to her.  I guess in short, my answer to your question of Kayli's prognosis , or "forecast of probable outcome" is that she will have a qualitative life of profound inspiration to those who have the honor of connecting with her. Which brings me back to my short answer....Kayli has outlived her prognosis.  She has outlived the understated forecast of probable outcome set by any medical professional....   I pray that my prognosis is as bright and as inspiring as hers is! Thank you for asking! :D 

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  1. Kayli is a true blessing from GOD!