Sunday, April 7, 2013

Socks and Shoes for AFOs and other bracing

An AFO, or Ankle-foot orthosis, is a foot brace the extends up to the ankle. 

When your child has AFO's or SMO's, it can be a challenge to find socks that fit under the brace, and/or shoes that fit over the brace. 

For a good fit, AFO socks must be; thin, breathable, taller than the brace, and be free of designs that could leave an imprint or cause skin breakdown.  Sometimes you may be able to find knee high socks that fit these criteria, in a department store.  These are some web links to order socks that fit the criteria for bracing: 
When looking for a shoe to fit over AFO's or other bracing, it is easiest if you bring the brace into the store with you for accurate measurements.  Generally when picking out shoes, you will need to look at the width, the height (skate shoes work  better than hi-tops), and the ability to remove the foot insert inside.  

These links may be useful in finding the right shoe:

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