Monday, April 15, 2013

Kayli's spinal curvatures are now considered life threatening

Kayli had her follow up surgical spine appt. tonight.  We had a great visit, with a lot of pondering, more testing, and then more pondering. We decided to start Kayli off with a traction device for a week or 2, then surgery. We have not completely decided on the surgery, but we are about 80% sure we know the technique we will be doing...and it's not the Shilla technique, as we originally thought it would be. Kayli's spine curvatures have greatly progressed (for the worse) in the last 4 weeks. The surgeon said it is life threatening at this point, and we need to move quickly. She is in need of surgery in the weeks to come.  I just wanted to update everyone asap.  I hope to blog more about our discussions tomorrow.   

Good night, and God Bless! 

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