Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kayli at the hospital, surgery in the morning

Kayli is admitted to the hospital and is doing well!  Her 2 youngest brothers said their goodbyes, and shed tears.  It is always sad when our family has to separate while one of us is in the hospital.  :-(  

Kayli can be a difficult stick (hard to get a needle in a vein).  This is the reason she is getting her port replaced.  I was rearing up for a treacherous night of pokes as the anesthesiologist tried to get an IV in Kayli.  He was not able to access Kayli's veins before he was called off to surgery, stating he would be back towards the end of the night (after surgery) to try again.  

In the meantime, I asked the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) nurse to come try.  Cindy came to Kayli's bedside immediately, with an "I can" attitude, and accessed Kayli's port with the first try!  :D  

Kayli's surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am (first case), so there is minimal chance of delays.  

Jacob with his 2 new ferrets, Kayli, and Niko with his hamster
before Kayli left for the hospital.  Kayli sleeps as EVERBODY says "see you tomorrow!" lol

Kayli sleeping while waiting for her IV line to be put in. 

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