Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trisomy 7

Trisomy Awareness Day 7, featuring Rachael with Trisomy 7!

My daughter Rachel is 27 years old and she has Partial Trisomy 7. When she was born weighed 9lb. 14 oz and she had a real hard birth. During birth she had a brain bleed and we thought it was because of her large size. When she was born they thought something was wrong because she had low set ears, a high pallet, the lines on the bottom of her feet ran the wrong way.
> We found out later through a genetics study about the Partial Trisomy 7. She had a lot of developmental delays, very poor muscle tone and a weak back. She didn't sit up until she was about 7 months old and didn't walk until she was 2 yrs old.
> She went to school until into the ninth grade doing Special Ed and doing Inclusion in a regular class and learned to read on a first grade level. We found out in ninth grade that she had a large cyst on her brain and she was suffering very bad Vertigo so I pulled her out and brought her home. she now stays at home with a sitter every day and just enjoys life. She is a very happy person full of love.

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