Monday, March 25, 2013

Kayli's 4th Birthday and Card Celebration is April 21st

Next month, Kayli will be turning 4 years old.  It's bitter sweet to look back and think of all she endured,while enjoying the borrowed moments, life lessons, and testimony of miracles that came of the challenges in her life.  As I reflect on her birthday to come, my shoulders pull back with pride, my cheeks puff up supported the wide smile on my face, and I look to the heavens with sweet breaths of "Thank You's".  

Kayli has touched so many lives in testimony of God's love for her.  Kayli has taught us all, the true meaning of life, love, and peace.  No matter the challenges in our lives, it is God's way of Blessing us with the lessons of life, love, and eternal peace to while on Earth. What a sad world it would be, if we were all the same, and never had challenges or opportunities to set apart from others.  We are each God's beloved creations, made to lean on our Faith in Him.  If you look deeply into your own daily life, you will see God's plan for you.  The streams, the trees, the flowers, the butterflies...each has a purpose in supporting your plan of life.  Everything is created for you.  The rain may dampen your outdoor plans for the day, but the water gives life to bring the flowers to bloom and birds to sing for you...another day.   When you plan out your life, do your best and give God the rest.  Do not feel dismay as your plans stray, but rejoice that God is guiding you in HIS plans for your day.  

If someone in traffic cuts you off... do not be angry with them, but pray for them.  While your heart races, let it be in anxious prayer...for the driver may be slowing you down so that split second down the road, saves your life.  The offensive driver could be preoccupied with stressors in their daily life, and God placed you there, knowing you would be the one to keep them safe with your excellent driving skills.  The driver could be a single parent, rushing to a second job, fearful of loosing it, all because the babysitter was late.  It may weigh heavy on the driver's mind, that if the job is lost, the children would certainly go without food or shelter.  It is not for us to judge.  We are to pray in support of our fellow brothers and sisters...especially in their time of need.  We shall have faith in our Lord, and His plans for our day.  Rejoice in the borrowed moments, and in the opportunities to help others.  For those moments and opportunities define your everlasting life and love.  

With love for my daughter, and the lives she has touched, I would like to celebrate her 4th birthday in a big way!  While I have not had the chance or funds to plan a great gala for her, I would like to have a grand celebration with cards!  But I need your help in doing so.  

Please consider sending a birthday card to Kayli.  Handmade cards are preferred.  The card can be as simple as a paper saying "Happy Birthday Kayli", or as elaborate as your picture, your favorite bible verse, what God and/or Kayli means to you, how Kayli has touched your life, or your story of God's love for you.  

Kayli's birthday is April 21st, so we have a month to make this birthday a grand celebration of her 4 years of life with us!  

Please send Kayli's birthday cards to Po Box 2 Cary, IL 60013

Thank you, and may God Bless you with another day of love and challenges! 

Kelly Whistler

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  1. I just wanted to tell you your daughter is a beautiful gift -a living testimony of God's love! It has been a real blessing to hear her story.