Saturday, March 23, 2013

Surgery adaptions for Ketogenic Diet patient

In February, Kayli had an elective surgery to help straighten her club feet (so she could get a decent ankle correction in order to stand).  In the preparations for surgery, we were told to stop Kayli's feeds and then fluid intake (a common pre-op instruction).  Kayli is on the Ketogenic diet (which is helping decrease her seizure activity) and is at high risk for dehydration when on this diet.  Unfortunately, taking her off fluids for more than 4 hours can/did cause life threatening consequences for Kayli.  Now that we are aware of the adaptions Kayli needs with the pre-op instructions, we are better prepared for her next surgery! :D  Kayli will be admitted the night before her chest port surgery (scheduled this Monday).  She will be getting her non-working chest port removed, and a more effective, universal chest port will be implanted. Please say a prayer for Kayli and her medical team.  Dear God, we ask that you guide the surgeon's hands as he uses the skills You granted him.  Lord, we ask that You protect Kayli from harms way, comfort her as she heals, and grant Kayli's family and friends Peace as we lean on our Faith in You.  In Your name we pray, Amen. <3 

Kayli in her swing today


  1. God has a special purpose for Kayli and her Family. To spread God's Love, and Word, to those around the World!

  2. God knows what he is doing. Kayli is one of God's precious gifts! I so love her and her family! I will be praying daily for Kayli and everyone involved in her little life. God is in control!

  3. Look at those eyelashes!! Praying for you guys!
    Anna F. - Louisiana