Monday, March 11, 2013

Trisomy 11

Trisomy Awareness Day 11, featuring Asrun! 

Asrún Vala 

When ´Asrún Vala was born we did not know that anything was wrong with her. She was born with six fingers on right hand and iris coloboma in the right eye. When she was four months old we went to see an ophthalmologists, he told us that she was blind on the right eye. It wasn't until she was eight months old that we found out that she has Partial t13 and is missing part of chromosome 11th. Here in Iceland no one else is with this same "fault" in this chromosomes and no knowledge of this. We have been very lucky with ´Asrún Vala, she has been healthy overall. She is in ordinary school, in 4th grade (9 years old). She has full support in everything she do in school, goes to swimming and gymnastics with her classmates. Her support in school is development trainer. She goes to physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in school. We are very luck with the school, they will do anything for her.

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