Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trisomy 13

Trisomy 13 Awareness Day, featuring Lillian!

Lillian Jennifer Monaghan , she was born on February 4, 2007. She is an amazing little miracle just like all of our trisomy kids are! She lives at home with her mommy, daddy and little 'big' brother, Landon ( he is 3 but Lillian has learned so much from him and he loves helping his sister!)
She has the personality that once you meet her you love her. She has a funny game that she plays with everyone. She will stare into your eyes and ask your name... Once done it is trapped forever I don't think she has forgotten anyone that she has met - but she will ask you what's your name? Then laughs! when is a parrot and is statying to have some on topics spontaneous speech. She is very opinionated and let's you know what she thinks. She is walking with some assistance (at school she uses her walker and does fine holding your hand to keep her balance too!) she can walk independently with some short distances. She is a crack up and makes me smile everyday.

She loves music, horseback riding( she rides twice a week), being outside, people and all attention on her ( well who doesn't really!). She enjoys going to school.

We love meeting new people and Lillian has introduced us to a wonderful new world and family in SOFT. The love and support we have gotten has been fabulous and overwhelming.

Lillian has been a healthy girl overall. She is having surgery on March 12 for a gtube and hernia repair.

Have a blessed day!
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