Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kayli lost a tooth!

As you may remember, when Kayli was a few days shy of 4 months old, she went into cardiac arrest and passed away for 32 minutes.  While she was without oxygen, she was actively growing 3 teeth roots.  Since the roots were oxygen deprived, the teeth roots died. As Kayli recovered, and her brain continued to grow, she developed seizures.  In attempts to reduce and/or stop the seizures, she was given seizure meds, which affected her gum growth.  Kayli's upper gumline is overdeveloped. 

As Kayli started teething, her bottom teeth erupted beyond the gum line, but although her upper teeth erupted, her gums are overgrown, and still cover the erupted teeth.  We are discussing using a laser technology to cut back her gums, but the 3 teeth that lost their roots are floating within the gums and keeping a space open for the adult teeth to properly erupt. 

In the last 6 months or so, we have noticed one of the "floating teeth" (without roots) emerging from her upper gum line.  We were warned that the teeth could be pushed out of the gum line (by other growing teeth), which can be a concern if a tooth falls into the back of her throat or down her trach.  

Yesterday, we jumped for joy as Kayli lost her "first tooth"!!! One of the floating teeth came completely out!  While this might have been a concern for others (loosing a tooth at only 3 years old), we are celebrating in the fact that we have witnessed Kayli loosing a tooth, as many other children do!!! We have found that no future is guaranteed, and we do not take for granted a single moment!  Many parents don't even consider their child may never reach the age where their child will loose a tooth.  We recognize the odds stacked against our children far less than we celebrate in the milestones we witness and cherish!  

Before Kayli fell asleep, we showed her the tooth, told her how proud we are of her, then placed it under her pillow.  This morning, her youngest brother helped her retrieve the treasure the tooth fairy left for Kayli.  As Niko showed Kayli the dollar bill, Kayli smiled a contagious smile that lit up the room!  The tooth that Kayli gave to the tooth fairy is worth so much more than the $1 bill, but then is the moment we shared with Kayli. 

Kayli lost her first tooth!!! This is another first to add to her baby book...a milestone we are grateful to witness, against all odds. <3  

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